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Hi. my name is John Christoforo and I am a relaxation coach. I innovated a new relaxation system called : Combined Relaxation.

Combined Relaxation is a combination of four proven relaxation methods: Modified Meditation, Breathing Techniques, Muscular Relaxation and Guided Imagery .

I will show you how to use Combined Relaxation  and make Relaxation a powerful self-help tool. Last year, I helped people like you , Sleep Better,  reduce chronic pain, perform better at  work and sports, overcome panic attacks, take tests better, release stress, tension and anxiety, develop more confidence, be happier, be more positive. I guarantee: No matter what your condition: You will feel better.

With practice and a little effort you  will feel better , starting now.

Relaxation Training  takes some work on your part.

How to use this website.

This site is about using, Relaxation, as a positive tool in your life. Relaxation Coaching is a one on one method to find the best relaxation program for you. .Also this site is a , Relaxation Resource, There are links to different relaxation methods and links to complementary resource site. This information is for you to use and enjoy.

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Can You Flower Amid Adversity?

Can You Flower Amid Adversity?


A good coach gets the most out of his clients.

A good coach gets the most out of his clients.

.This Website address four specific areas : General Relaxation

Relaxation to help with  Sleeping, Healing or Stop Smoking.

You can jump to any of this sections for help dealing  with these problems. at any time.

For individual relaxation coaching  call 781-267-2337.

From Group Coaching or Demonstration for your organization call me at 781-267-2337


John Christoforo your Relaxation Coach

John Christoforo your Relaxation Coach

What is Relaxation coaching.  Relaxation Coaching is , simply , finding the best relaxation method for you. In general there are two types of relaxation styles: active and passive. The person who is an active relaxer finds joy, and peace doing tasks. The active relaxer can feel wonderful being immersed in work . The process of being immersed in a job is comforting to the active relaxer. Therefore , the active relaxer favors an active, task oriented relaxation process.

The more popular type of relaxation is the passive type. Passive relaxation involves being acted up in a relaxation session.  The passive relaxer likes to be guided in a mental where progressive muscular relaxation and guided imagery or positive visualization is used.

The end result of both methods is the same, deep and total relaxation.

Effective sessions include both active and passive relaxation methods.

Get the most out of your relaxation session.

Get the most out of your relaxation session.

What is New?  A unique cd good for all chronic physical and emotional pain.  

Relaxation/Healing CD – Buy it HERE.  

Free Relaxation Training to any Boston Marathon victims, Free Relaxation Training to any caregivers , law enforcement, firefighters, or their families . Also Free Relaxation CD’s to help those affected by this horrific event. Contact Me by phone or email. Group sessions available.( also free)

Cable TV:  I am available for community programming in the Boston Metro Area on the topics of Relaxation, Stop Smoking, Sleep Better, Relaxation for pain management, I will take telephone calls and address any specific caller . If you would like me as a guest for any community medical program call me at 781-267-2337

Store: The store will be under construction beginning late July or early August.

We are booking demonstrations for 2014 starting  July 1st, 2013

We will be running a community smoke out in Quincy, Ma sometime late summer or early fall. Check us out for more details.



Good things are coming your way.